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What is CRM?

CRM is a customer centric process that usually employs software to address three very important communication functions of any business: marketing, sales & after sales customer service. You can rephrase these three in plain English to mean: Marketing, Sales and Support - i.e. telling people about your business, selling your products or services to them and making sure they continue to stay your clients.

This is CRM.

That is all CRM is. It is the use of a technology like to have a unified approach to acquiring leads, converting them from leads into customers and retaining them.

And this model is used by all business, not just start-ups or large scale enterprises but the whole spectrum.

How inPractice Free CRM can help:


Someone once told me that marketing is the act of making people aware of your business, product of service so that when you come to sell them they already know about the product. The Holy Grail is for your marketing campaign to create a desire in the client so that the sales process is almost redundant. inPractice's free CRM suite can be used to create marketing lists which you can then export for use in direct marketing campaigns or simple email marketing campaigns. Don't forget, marketing also covers your existing clients.


inPractice's free CRM suite can help you create target lists from your contact database quickly and easily. By importing your contacts with labels and colours you can quickly segregate your contacts into industries or locations for example. Your sales team can them systematically work through the segregated lists marking off leads as they are contacted. Each lead can be given a task which can be assigned to a different sales operator and as they work through their list the whole team can see the progress.

Customer Service

This is an area where inPractice's free CRM app can really help you. By adding a new note to a contact with a follow up date you can quickly create an item that will appear in your main CRM console and wont go away until you deal with it. You can also assign it to a team member and monitor their progress on it.

inPractice Apps make it easy to create, store and followup on your leads, customers and billing requests.